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The Battenburg Lace Fashions.
A Fine Linens & Home Furnishings Place
A Battenburg Lace Store Company.



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E Mail: sales@battenburglace.us

Ordered by Phone
(214) 939-2623

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at our Dallas Office.

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Ordered by Phone
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Black Handkerchief
$54.00 per dozen




Hemstitched design.
2 inches Hemstitched border.
Placemats and napkins.
    18" square napkin 100% linen. $84.00/dozen.
   20" square napkin. 100% linen. $96.00/dozen
      22" square napkin. 100% linen $120.00 /dozen


Large dinner napkin. (22x22") square.
100% Linen. Large dinner napkin.
 Single line hemstitch.
$120.00 per dozen.

Hemstitched design.
Placemats (14x20') and napkins
100% Linen. $96.00 per dozen


Linen Hemstitch napkins.
Available in 3 sizes
22" x 22 inches $120.00 per dozen
20" x 20 inches $ 96.00 per dozen
18" x 18 inches. $ 84.00 per dozen

Linen Hemstitch Placemat
All hand sewn.
Size: 14" x 20"
Linen Placemat $ 96.00 per dozen



Irish Hemstitch Style
100% Linen fabrics.
(Made in China.)



Available color

18" dinner napkin
with hemstitch border.

US$84.00 per dozen

white. 100% linen.

20" dinner napkin
with hemstitch border.
US$96.00 per dozen white. 100% linen
22" dinner napkin
with hemstitch border.
US$120.00 per dozen white. 100% linen
6" cocktail napkin
white hemstitch border.
US$ 24.00  per dozen white color

14"x20" placemat
with hemstitch border.

US$96.00  per dozen

white. 100% linen








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